Our spiritual companions are trained in various spiritual practices that are aimed at Soul Care, including utilizing tools like the Enneagram. Through interactive half-day and full-day workshops, we equip ministry leaders and their staff in soul care awareness and strategies that they continue to utilize for ongoing spiritual health when serving in ministry.

Connect with us now to learn more about Gracebridge Alliance workshops that may be helpful for you and your staff to grow in soul care.


“The Gracebridge team did a great job helping our team understand more about our individual personalities and how they might affect our team dynamic. They have a clear focus on helping churches and church leaders prioritize team and organizational health in order to be effective and fruitful. Their ability to facilitate a robust staff conversation about team dynamics will provide insights that are well worth your investment.”

Bryan Marvel / Lead Pastor / Meadowbrook Church,  Wauwatosa, WI

“Even as a person in ministry tries to focus others on God and his things, so little time is spent focusing on sitting still and listening to the Holy Spirit’s movement in my life.  I am so grateful for Mark and his guidance to slow down my insides. He has been incredibly patient, as I think God is, to wait for real lasting change and not human manufactured change that is temporary.  His introduction to the Enneagram and using this to call out painful and unhealthy ways of living has been revolutionary to my life and marriage.”

Mark Rygh / Received Spiritual Direction and Enneagram Guidance



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