What We Do

We guide ministry leaders in the care of their own souls – in their own spiritual journeys which are often neglected as they serve those around them. 


We provide timely, personalized and direct guidance in the practices, assessments, and replenishments that rekindle and refresh the leader’s thirst for deepening their relationship with the Lord.

We believe learning and growth in soul care can only happen in relationship. Our role is to provide spiritual companions that can come alongside an individual and help repair and restore the key aspects of their soul’s thirst for God – for a sustainable life pattern of seeking and strengthening their relationship with the living God.

What We Don't Do

We do not provide pat answers to the deeper and complex issue of the soul growth.

We do not provide a short-term “fix”  of specific issues.

We do not provide mountains of instructions.

We do not provide a brief respite from work (a vacation) that dissipates quickly upon return.