Spiritual Companioning

“Never tell a child, ‘You have a soul.’ Teach him, 'You are a soul.'” – George MacDonald

Gracebridge Alliance provides authentic relationships and spiritual guidance to ministry leaders, teaching them how to care for their souls. This is done by engaging in spiritual rhythms that deepen their relationship with God and the person they were created to be. We assist leaders in assessing the state of their own souls, making adjustments, and then accompanying them on the path God is leading through all seasons of life and ministry.


Connect with us now to learn more about what may be the path for your soul to receive attention and care.


“Gracebridge provides resources that offer perspectives and create patterns that can help keep you in ministry until Jesus says your work is finished, rather than when you simply run out of spiritual gas or physical strength.”

Luke Olson / Area Director / InterVarsity Southeast Wisconsin / Received Spiritual Companioning

“Gracebridge gave space for my soul to breathe, to engage my inner workings from a new angle, enabling me to gain leverage and a place to stand, and to observe myself through redemptive eyes. The work Gracebridge Alliance does is truly transformational. They will help you integrate your inner life and bring it all—yes, everything—before the tender and loving gaze of a gracious God. Then, you will begin to see yourself and others with those same eyes. And your life will light up with love.”

Jeremy Bryan / City Coordinator / 24-7 Prayer USA / Received Spiritual Companioning



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