Retreats for ministry leaders are an intentional time of pausing, resting and resetting. We invite ministry leaders to retreat with our trained spiritual companions who will guide them in times of reflection; afterwards, they will debrief so they can process their experience together. Retreats may have a specific focus, including silence and solitude, lament or discernment, and they are offered for individuals, groups, and staff.


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“Gracebridge Alliance taught me practical spiritual principles to help me implement spiritual rhythms into my life. I was taking care of everyone - and even myself - but I was neglecting my own soul care. The January retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery was really a pivotal point to help me simplify my life. The timing was impeccable. It created space for group discussions, prayer walks, solitude, creativity and meaningful conversations. I came back home with clarity on the strategy necessary to simplify my life.”

Rhonda Noordyk / Founder & CEO, Women’s Financial Wellness Center / Attended Retreat 

“Caring for my soul has been such a blessing! I truly feel I cannot be an effective servant if I am not listening, tending, and caring for who God created me to be.”

Susan Tolonen / Artist / Attended Retreat and Participated in Co-Hort Group and Spiritual Companioning

”Gracebridge is wonderful and all you need is the Holy Spirit, humility, and honesty to heal. Spiritual growth is not linear, takes courage, and is a life-long journey. We have never arrived . But, overtime, the resulting transformation is more of a testament to God's grace, love, and power than any ministry activity we can plan. Prioritizing the care of our own mind, body, and soul keeps us incredibly humble, grateful, and awestruck at our creator's love for each of us.”

Anonymous Client / Attended Retreat and Participated in Co-Hort Group



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