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At Gracebridge Alliance, we guide ministry leaders in soul care so they can be faithful for a lifetime. We understand the isolation that pastors and ministry leaders experience when their jobs, friendships, paychecks, communities, and lives are all wrapped up in the same place - the Church. 


Gracebridge Alliance enters the journeys of ministry leaders as experienced and caring companions, ready to guide them into new rhythms in life to keep them attentive to their souls and God. In a world where goals, progress, and numbers are often over-elevated, our spiritual companions help ministry leaders reconnect to themselves as precious souls. We help them learn how to rest and refresh spiritually with God in times of retreat, sabbatical, and discernment.


We know that healthy pastors lead healthy churches. And we believe health comes through tending well to your soul.


Will you please join us in supporting this mission? Our team is growing to meet the rising need of our church and ministry leaders. By training additional Spiritual Companions, we can guide even more pastors in seasons of sabbatical, taking them on retreats and teaching them Soul Care strategies in workshops, one-on-one, and in cohort groups. 

To financially support our ministry, please make out checks to Gracebridge Alliance and mail to:

350 Bishops Way, Suite 201
Brookfield, WI 53005



350 Bishops Way | Suite 201

Brookfield, WI 53005