Frequently Asked Questions

Gracebridge Alliance wants to answer the questions you may be wondering about Soul Care and how we guide busy ministry leaders so they can be faithful for a lifetime. If you have other questions our website doesn’t answer, please Connect With Us so we can have a conversation.

Who are our clients?

The spiritual companions at Gracebridge Alliance previously worked in ministry at churches and have experienced the joys and challenges that brings. That means we are uniquely positioned to guide and accompany people who work in ministry for their jobs. Our clients range from pastors and their spouses to Christian leaders in education and para-church organizations, like campus ministries and missionaries.

Why are these our clients?

Our Gracebridge Alliance team has experienced the isolation and stress that ministry leaders face as a result of their jobs, friendships, communities, paychecks, and families being all wrapped up in the same place… the Church. This uniquely positions us to guide ministry leaders as they encounter challenges in life and ministry.

Why Soul Care?

30% of pastors are at risk of burnout, according to The Barna Group; for a point of contrast, they also found that while 1 in 3 pastors is at risk, only 1 in 5 business leaders are at risk. Our clients come to Gracebridge Alliance telling us that they are experiencing exhaustion, isolation, disconnection and lack of authenticity. These are the result of many factors, including expectations, conflicts, fear and anxiety, just to name a few. We believe that it is essential for busy ministry leaders to learn soul care in order to stay spiritually healthy, and we are passionate about walking with our clients and guiding them in spiritual practices they can use for the rest of their lives. In making time to meet with a spiritual companion, ministry leaders learn how to tend to their souls and have authentic companionship for the journey.

What makes Spiritual Companioning different from pastoral counseling or psychotherapy?

Spiritual companioning helps a person grow in their relationship with God through prayer, personal awareness and spiritual practices. Ministry Leaders don’t need to feel like something is ‘going wrong’ in life in order to start tending to their souls; we hope leaders find authentic companionship and guidance anytime in life, in all seasons, like other people who don’t work in ministry. Gracebridge Alliance will often refer clients to Christian Counselors or Therapists when a client needs more than the soul care we provide.

What makes the spiritual companions at Gracebridge Alliance unique?

We understand that religious training and education may not have prepared leaders for the transitions and challenges they face in ministry, which lead to burnout, fatigue and moral failings We have backgrounds working in ministry, being spiritual directors and counseling others who have faced similar challenges, changes and times of transitions We are committed to being a continued presence walking alongside Christian leaders throughout times of transitions and life change in ministry, from new seminary graduates to seasoned pastors preparing for retirement We recognize that the standard prescriptions of short-term unstructured retreats, vacations or un-guided sabbaticals may provide temporary relief, but do not address the core issues at stake We utilize a disciplined and thorough process which guides ministry leaders in the kind of soul care needed to sustain faithfulness for a lifetime We have training and certifications in Spiritual Direction and Transformation, Pastoral Counseling, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, as well as Story Facilitation utilizing the Allender Theory

When can I meet with a spiritual companion?

Our spiritual companions meet from 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. When you Connect with Us, we’ll respond with a call and chat with you to understand your journey and how a spiritual companion can join you on it. Together, we’ll walk alongside you and guide you in soul care so that you can be supported in lifelong faithfulness.

How many ministry leaders has Gracebridge Alliance accompanied since 2015?

Our spiritual companions have guided more than 100 ministry leaders in the Greater Milwaukee area, as well as skyping with clients around Wisconsin and missionaries in Romania. Our spiritual companions have guided a dozen pastors during sabbaticals. Our spiritual companions have guided a dozen individuals and couples through our discernment process for transitions in ministry and life. Our spiritual companions have met with multiple church boards to consult them in soul care for their staff, including developing policies and practices. Our spiritual companions have hosted numerous workshops for individuals, couples, and church staff regarding Soul Care and the Enneagram, and met individually regarding the Enneagram with dozens of ministry leaders following the workshop Our spiritual companions have facilitated multiple retreats for individuals, church staff and group cohorts



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