Core Values

Gracebridge Alliance values the Church and the impact God is having through her in our world, and we serve the people who lead our churches and Christian organizations.


Gracebridge Alliance is a ministry of presence, and we value the season of life and ministry that every ministry leader is journeying through. 


Gracebridge Alliance values the confidentiality of our clients, so they can be authentic in their relationships with our spiritual companions.


Gracebridge Alliance values the long, slow work of God in our lives, and our spiritual companions come in with grace and humility to guide ministry leaders on their journeys through all seasons, transitions and challenges.


Gracebridge Alliance values spiritual practices as a way of caring for Soul, and we understand that ministry leaders need a guide when navigating times in retreat, sabbath and sabbatical.


Gracebridge Alliance values every human as a unique, precious Soul who was created in God’s image, and we believe God loves each of us for who we are, not what we do.



350 Bishops Way | Suite 201

Brookfield, WI 53005