Gracebridge   Alliance

Supporting lifelong faithfulness by guiding ministry leaders in soul care

Our spiritual companions journey with leaders through life and ministry; we understand each person is a soul in process who needs guidance along the way.


Gracebridge Alliance spiritual companions understand the challenges and isolation that pastors and ministry leaders experience. After years in ministry ourselves, we now come alongside ministry leaders to provide guidance in spiritual rhythms that support faithfulness, spiritual formation and development.





If you are passionate about your church and value the impact that pastors and ministry leaders have in your life, and in the lives of your family and your community, please partner with us by financially supporting Gracebridge Alliance so that more ministry leaders can receive spiritual guidance and authentic companionship.


How We Do It

Who We Are

Maria Wilson

"We realize it's tough to learn spiritual rhythms that care for the soul on our own, so we guide ministry leaders as a companion on their journeys."

GBA Executive Director and Spiritual Companion
Mark Werner

"I want pastors to know that they are not alone, and I want them to experience the transformation that comes from difficult times with a trusted spiritual companion who has been there and understands."

GBA Ministry Director and Spiritual Companion